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Food that is bursting with flavor, so delicious your taste buds wake up from a slumber and dance in your soul. Flavorful fruits that are naturally sweet… you’ll be amazed there was no sugar added. Vegetables that carry enough nutrients and vitamins, you’ll NEVER buy from your local grocer again.

Incredible, mind-blowing food that sends sensations down your spine, food that lifts your spirit, gives you energy, boosts your immune system, elevates your spirit and erases un-necessary vulnerabilities to sickness, disease, illness health problems.

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The highest quality food
soon to become a worldwide phenomenon

At the NAYM PLANTATION, our #1 goal is to provide everyday people with beyond organic food that is 100% certified… inspected and qualified — meets world-standards by regulation and gives you (The consumer) ten times the health benefits you could gain from the most popular chain retailers. And, you’ll see exactly how to get all this for less than the price of your monthly grocery bill.

These claims may seem bold and outrageous! But in just a moment, we’ll prove it to you with research, facts and stories that leave you speechless and ready to take part in this movement.

A movement that is so massive, we simply can NOT fulfill the demand for everyone! But you will discover how you can begin transforming your entire lifestyle and enjoying the benefits from real beyond organic food. Before we go into detail about how to get the world’s most highly nutritious food, we need to discuss…





Americans are denied the right to know what is in these pesticide sprays. Companies are afraid of legislation to pass that requires labeling on food, because then no one would buy food that isn’t even healthy.



Chemical companies own 90% of seed distributors! Farmers aren’t growing natural, organic food. They’re growing seeds that are being patented by chemical companies! This is a conflict of interest. If there is any contamination from their “patented” seeds, the company owns that offspring.



GMO are made by introducing foreign genetic material into the organism. Putting human DNA into corn. Frog DNA into tomatoes. When we cross species barriers, diseases can easily cross those boundaries over the bridges between species we have built.



Atrazine is a deadly chemical used to prevent weeds, but it’s a primary poison being sprayed as a herbicide. This chemical has been known to turn male frogs into female frogs. It’s associated with miscarriages, birth defects, breast cancer and more.



United States is one of very few countries that doesn’t require their GMOs to be labeled with what they actually are. United States hasn’t outlawed these dangerous chemical pesticides. Because these mega corporations have their hands in the proverbial cookie jar!

Remember, most people digest foods, vegetables, fruits and meats that come from these "poisoned" farms — without knowing it! People didn’t ask for GMOs. We were given them and haven’t been given any other REAL options until now… This is not just OUR discovery, it’s been noted by doctors, scientists and researchers across the globe centuries ago!

The REAL Difference
between ORGANIC, NATURAL and Healthy Foods

Let’s take something simple like a tomato. A tomato tree is planted into the ground. Would that tomato have better quality if it was planted in harsh living conditions or perfect living conditions? Obviously, perfect living conditions. So, what are perfect living conditions?

Good soil! Unfortunately, the soil used in today’s farms is NOT the best soil. Bad soil produces bad food. Good soil produces good food.

What if you had a better soil that was full of life, actually alive. Would that tomato tree have better, super rich tomatoes? Absolutely. Why? Because real organic, natural food starts from the ground up. The problem is, creating this environment with rich soil is not as easy as it sounds.

One solution is the use of biochar. It’s a special product which can be used on soil to absorb harmful toxins and neutralize them. Now, when you use biochar with this soil, it eliminates harmful poisons, pesticides and toxins and yields natural, organic food the way it’s supposed to be.

But you must be careful. All biochar is not good biochar. If it’s manufactured, it’s not real and doesn’t provide the toxin-fighting power required to produce organic, natural food. That’s why this message is so important.

The biochar we use from our special formula, is unlike anything else on the market. We produce our biochar from the bamboo plant. This allows us to create a special nutrient rich, good “living” soil for growing super organic foods.

Our bamboo is grown in house. Our biochar is produced in house. Which means we’ve created a revolutionary method for people to get real, organic food, from the ground up. This wasn’t available in the 1930s, but it can be available now!

You’ve Never Heard of This Before… Because it’s a
$43 billion-dollar Industry

They don’t want you to know about this… obviously because the organic food industry is a $43 billion-dollar industry. Obviously, it’s more profitable for them to keep this away from you.

Think about it, do you actually know where the food from these expensive *whole Foods* markets come from? Most people don’t. All they know is they go into a nice, clean store with a big name and boom… everything in the store becomes clean.

Basically, what they do is get slightly better food, fruit and vegetables and mark it up, so it has the perception of higher quality. But may we be honest with you? How can it be higher quality if it all comes from the same place?

It can’t! It’s the difference between a Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder…. It’s still McDonald’s. There’s no way it can ever be higher-quality because it’s coming from the same source! That’s how we had to look at this to understand it.

Consumers today demand freshness and convenience… salads to veggies, they want meat that’s protein-rich, vegetables that are farm-fresh and fruits that are exploding with vitamins. This entire industry is filled with all the positive buzz words: grass-fed, hormone-free, natural. But there’s also an entire market of organic dips and organic spices. ???? where is this going?

Food Can Be Tested on The

But the label tells a different story! Misleading consumers into thinking they were eating healthy, when in fact, they aren’t eating healthy at all. Okay, let me take a step back.

This might sound unbelievable! That’s exactly what we were thinking! Nobody would believe me without further evidence. So, we found something called the BRIX Test. Originally used to measure the quality of wine, it also measures the quality of crops.

Based on a scale of 0 to 30, we can give an accurate assessment of the quality a crop will have. We can measure the mineral content, protein content, sugar content, and gravity or density. Most of the foods today labeled as organic… probably wouldn’t score higher than a 10 out of 30! You’ve been wondering why those grapes have a bland, boring taste?

It isn’t because you picked a bad batch. It’s because the majority of that harvest was grown in poor, worn out soil! But with a higher-quality soil — that comes from using bio-char and our black carbon grow media, you’ll get food that is full of taste, delicious and “Oh so flavorful” because it’s grown on rich, fertile soil — giving it a score of 24 or higher on the rating scale!!

So, the question is…

How to Get the Highest Quality Food… like

Make no mistake, real farmers are doing their best to produce quality foods. But there is a special secret to getting the highest quality food - even some farmers don’t know about!

The first what most people do is get their food from a retail store. But as we’ve discussed, this results in food that is labeled one way, but doesn’t provide what the label suggests.

The second way is for farmers to start using biochar. That will give them quality of soil and minimizing the effect of bad soil that’s been ruining our food.

Unfortunately, most farms can’t present this option. They have to harvest their fruit early, so they can transport from point A to point B. It basically ripens AT THE STORE! Yuck! When these fruits and vegetables are harvested before their full maturity it results in a loss of their nutritional value.

There’s another way! We can promise the world’s highest-quality food because we start at the origin.

Our quality food starts with the highest-quality seeds. Then, the highest-quality soil by using our SECRET FORMULA. Then, the correct harvest time. Many foods will absorb up to 70% of their nutritional value in their last week when they ripen.

This is why we created a way for normal everyday people to get the highest-quality foods
Micro-Plants… equal - Super Organic Food

It’s the ultimate way to get purely nutritious food, feel good, feel energized, and live longer. You’re about to step into a world that is superior to 95% of organic foods out there today.

A world that is overflowing like a river with nutrients, minerals and vitamins providing limitless healthy benefits because this food is grown with a special setup.

Everybody knows a Mercedes Benz is a luxury car. But what’s beyond a Mercedes is a Rolls Royce… with more horse power, completely handcrafted and requiring more precision, effort and detail with each and every inch of the vehicle.

That’s what it’s like with the Micro-Plant. This food comes from the world’s finest grow media - Orgenex. Soil that comes from the biochar of bamboo. Soil that lives and breathes with such radiating horsepower you’ll be blown away with each and every bite of the tomatoes, carrots, chickens and vegetables you devour.

Food so absolutely amazing - rich in taste, abounding in flavor… your FRIENDS will think you’re a celebrity chef!

And to top it off, you’ll get this food at such wholesale, “Garage sale” prices… nobody would believe you could eat this way and enjoy this food as often and as easy as you’d like.

But it won’t be because you bought it from the Farmer’s Market - it will be because you own Micro-Plants.

So How Does the Micro-Plant Help Me Get the World’s Highest Quality Foods?

Another great question. We’ve created a 4-step plan to bring that food to you:

  1. FIRST - We take the bamboo plants and turn them into active bio-char. This is the living and breathing soil mixture that allows us to grow true and pure organic food.
  2. SECOND - We create the vermiculture castings from protein rich plants, a completely proprietary process that only we use. No one else in the world has this process or uses this process. These castings are necessary for the next step.
  3. THIRD - We plant, farm and grow food in our Greenhouses — thousands of square meters – and thousands of mini farms with non-modified, heirloom seeds over 100 years old! Seeds you can’t find at the seed supply or in a seed catalog! These rare, heirloom seeds give us a unique ability to grow unmodified food naturally and organically.
  4. FOURTH - That food is then freeze dried and sent to you, almost as if you were farming it yourself the whole time! It’s sent to you with such amazing freshness, you’ll NEVER want to use your farmers market again!

Because you’ll have 100% real, natural rich in nutrition and mineral fruits and vegetables like you’ve never heard them before. And that’s just the beginning. Because you’ll also save hundreds and thousands of dollars to get unparalleled quality that you simply can’t get at your average grocery store.


If you were looking to farm, the costs could make your head spin. Not only the price of land, but the equipment, the time and labour.

Not to mention, endure countless trial-and-error to figure out the formulas that work to produce consistent results with your farming. According to research, it would cost well over a million dollar to start your own farm. But when you add the labor… the stress, the strain, the frustrations and heartache, most people would turn away.

Fortunately, we can give you access to a Modern Farmer account where you may grow your very own Micro-Plant Plantation one easy payment at a time and all that for $60 mx pesos… per Micro-Plant also known as a Micro-Link

That’s as close as we can get to "FREE" without it actually being FREE. People across the globe are joining the Modern Farmer movement.

Take a step back and think about that. You can’t even buy a dinner out for this amount! But here’s the good news.

As soon as possible… we’ll begin releasing the first shipments of food.

You’ll be one of the few people in the world with a thriving, full-grown center that gives you quality food.

Can you name any other “investment” you can make within the next 30 days that will give you the rewards of healthy living, improved nutrition, real organic food and the ability to pay for itself? Absolutely not!

Get Beyond Organic and Highly Nutritious Food While
You Have A Chance!

Some people, who don’t have this understanding will continue going from store to store buying the same old food and harm their mind, body and soul over the next 3 to 5 years.

Meanwhile, smart and savvy individuals like yourself will be preparing to harvest their food and enjoying the benefits of nutrient, mineral rich foods from their Micro-Plants.

People from all over the globe are snatching up their Micro-Plants to prepare for a better future and enjoy the benefits of highly nutritious food. There is a HUGE DEMAND for this type of food. Unfortunately, we will not have enough supply for everyone - but as a Micro-Plant owner, you’re guaranteed priority access.

Yes, I Want to Be Micro-Plant Owner

Remember, you can’t get it anywhere else or on any other website. You simply do NOT want to miss this opportunity.

This is your chance to get in at the “ground floor” before it’s too late. Contribute to our project and help us build a global community that’s healthy, conscious and committed to better living.

You don’t need to be a FARMER, GARDNER or ROCKET SCIENTIST to understand the magnitude of this opportunity. You just have to take action.

Until now, people have taken what they’ve read on labels as the truth. Now, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the highest-quality foods, with your own mini-garden.

By the time you hear about this in the news… it’s too late. ACT NOW!