To NAYM Plantation, what matters most is the impact we have on today's society. In addition to directly benefitting each and every one of our clients and Modern Farmers, we are a beacon of positive change in the communities where we host our plantations and processing operations. By means of our work, we are creating jobs and opportunities for the population; turning the tables on poverty and exploitation in our society.


The impact is illustrated in Las Nubes de Cabrel, of the Tomatlan District in Jalisco. Since the arrival of NAYM Plantation's Propogation Center, an entire community has been rescued from being marginalized and force immigration, and now given the opportunity of creating better life styles for themselves.


Thanks to bamboo plantations, hundreds of formal jobs, both directly and indirectly, have been created. Opportunities like these have helped stabilize the income of families from the community and contribute to the countries growing economy.

NAYM Plantation has also contributed to building civilized roads and Schooling Programs for the children of this community, who no longer have to embark on a long and dangerous trek to get to the nearest school.

As if that were not enough, thanks to the incredible characteristics of bamboo, our Modern Farmers can take pride in the role they play in cleaning up our environment; because their property is constantly recycling atmospheric toxins, as well as preventing deforestation and exhaustion of earth's natural resources.